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Ode to Change


I am the story you were always meant to hear. I am the limbo between what you deserved and what you were always fated to achieve. I am the difference between what makes you tick and what makes your blood boil. I am the dream you remember when you don't remember why. I am your conscious unconscious subconscious allowing you to remember, forcing you to forget, and beckoning you to adapt.

Beyond five shreds of doubt and without a gambled doubt, I am the one thing that can be known for sure - that can befall all things for sure. I change.

I, Change. I change because life is a bore if I were to not. You think concepts and truths cannot provide their own input concerning their nature?

I, Change, thank all of my participants. How entertaining to see the parade of you transform! The pleasures I confer to your reality do seem subjectively appreciated. Why?

Stagnancy is a bore! A fortnight's bore hastens me to redouble my efforts to settle the score.

I change as Nature's nature, and as a feature most prized of my Mother, I do try to elicit the most change that I can among all things beneath my gentle hand.

My hands touch all but not all embrace me. I take rejection lightly, as, if I did not, the very thread of my being would unravel as I became burdened with my own in-adaptability.  

Right here where you are, you have made it. I threw an eternity's worth of alternate paths in your face and you set each one ablaze in your wake. You have made it to right here. Take three seconds to fathom your existence. I bore and nurtured in that time a thousand realities for you. You are precious to me because you are here.

Heat Haze

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