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Arbitrary Thoughts that Plague My Mind

Arbitrary Thoughts that Plague My Mind

Used to hold me up against a wall

Wishing my pedals would fall

Slavery- we were so small

I recall...

Chains- a feeling of disdain

My grandma can't even express to me her past without pain-

these niggas be so lame

Ran by the white man-still in chains

But they vein- they don't ever peep their stains

From them. The "pure" instilled in us to always feel unsure

Yet here I am contemplating all the bullshit that's been givin

From them...

I've always been so drivin

By those who put me down

My own men ripping on me, actin like clowns

And I'm shookin- is my skin too dark

Because I'm a black woman

I can't bark-

and say what's on my mind and tell you that you're unkind-

and how you call us hoes- claimin we are unfaithful

Which is ridiculous-

now I'm fuckin conspicuous

You've been raped and torn and yet still your behavior is continuous

I want you to be generous-

Been dating a lot white men

Pale skin and fat hand

And maybe at glance

It's perfect and radiant

But Am I being played by a fool?

Is this other bitch being fucked over too...?

By this tool?

My harshness is my darkness.

But I'm still here praying over you

You'll come around one day

That's what you want me to say-

Say to myself

so I can keep up my stealth

But is this really good for my health?

We're just capricorns screaming for help

And she's just like, "welp"

"I've had his dick since the seventh grade" and I need no

No no no

Your insecurities are of woe

and I sit back thinking of you as only a foe

But my priorities are fucked up

Ima just pour another cup

Spoon full of liquor.. have I had enough?

Three shots in- I'm mad as fuck

So in love with you, nigga, you got me stuck

But you ain't a nigga

you a coward-

which is worse

You were never dehumanized and claimed inferior at birth

And Here I am just sharing my ideologies to this here/ Earth

Wishing I could give birth-

To your child but we all know it'll be her

Yeah it'll be her

Yeah it'll be her

And I'm crying- tears running down my face

And it'll be her

And it'll be her

And I'm wondering why the fuck I'm in this place

Wanting you to chase- for this chance with me

All I wanna see in you is envy for me

But it'll be her

And I'll be left maybe with another man

Maybe with another woman  

But little do you know the weight you plague on my mind

Out of time.

What is relativity? I'm out of my mind

And I'm just trying to find...


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