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full moon with my sisters

full moon with my sisters

she guides me,
informs me of my bodily changes,
tunes me in—
to that part of me so large in mass yet so easily tuned out—

and forgotten

my bodily connection to Earth,
my spiritual connection to Earth,
supercharge my body—
this crystal—
so red inside, so depleted inside

running on empty

your full face exposed,
I stare up at you
proud of your contours—
no spot treated with concealer—
you are shining
raw and shining
brightness is just an added bonus
what's realest is the rawness
how you tune me in to the meat on my bones,
make my blood flow out onto the Earth

rawness spills out
drips out
balances me
recalibrates me
reminds me:

tune out toxicity, reset, recharge—
as I supercharge your crystals
lying out for me to bless
I'll go deeper—
seep in through your pores
through the thin cell barrier of your pupils
in through your breath—
fill your energy source
make you whole again
show you how to love you again
remind you how easy it is again—
that creativity is your best friend again

I'm here as a full-faced mother equalizer—
to shed light on my starry-eyed lovers,
who see with my light,
exhale a month's worth of stale breath to my light,
and sleep, charging under my light

phase change—
my mama equalizer puts me to the test
can I retain this connection
can I sustain myself for one month
running on moon-fuel—
and this belief that
I am whole

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