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And I here whispers by myself

when I'm away from my friends

the cohesion drowns my swells

like pieces of my being recollecting

In chambers repressing a draught

And I saw myself feeling- doted toward the

Found my countenance dreaming, heart singing


They used to tell me I wasn't special- that there's too much of me

I never filled any space, that I'm too dark, too big, and too ugly

They'd tear and beat without any consent from me- othered me

and charged me for an extra fee

But I don't need validation from the irrational minds guided by fear,

misconceptions and blasphemy of all kinds. Still gunning us down for actions benign

like we don't matter, like our souls will never splatter, like our wounds can't get any fatter

Like I, and we aint special but the latter

But I am special and they are special no matter how deep and dark our skin creeps

No longer the will to allow the hatred to seep




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