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An Ex-Student’s Response to Searle’s Sexual Assault Allegations

Fuck my life
Trusted white men
Who taught me about my mind—its complexity, allure, magnificence
Who engaged me and challenged me,
Satiated my curiosity with arguments finessed around logic
Concurrently he used the very intrigue I felt to his sick and gross, carnal advantage,
Continuing a legacy of abuse of power—what I learned by the same intellectual processes to identify and associate with sinister means of advancement—
To abhor—
I can learn to associate a masculine white face with the angelic, knowledgeable, authoritative, innovative, genius—
And aggressive, unyielding, abusive, manipulative, and self-serving

Fuck my life
That I should learn to navigate these tsunamis, unpredictable and destructive and steadfast in their wreckage

You’ve fucked our lives
Deemed them replaceable by the next piece of ass fawning for the privilege to work for you

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