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Healing: Poetry Written through my Transformation

Healing: Poetry Written through my Transformation


Scribbling onto pages while my mind isn't clear 

My Zolofts near, the present I can't steer 

Imagining the inside of Momma's wombs

As my thoughts consume, new flowers bloom

Cuz it's just another day, my mania sways 

Intangible best friend, her arms extend 

She begs me to come in

I love you I love you I am kin

Fall back and relapse as my posi thoughts cave in

Dampening everyday my ego weakens

My metamorphosis thickens, eye lash picken, OCD riddance, my sickness contingent on-

Hugs from the wrong man, force with no consequence, feelings of abandonment. 



I dream of mornings that most would never dare

I dream of being told that predisposition was there

And to be aware

Institutions have me tied like a gardening hose

Only untethered for exploitational goals

Waking up as if I’m in a straitjacket

Trauma has me confined, enclosed in a casket

Masculinity, toxicity got me blasted

Branded scars that will never heal, enveloping our men to steal

And provided the privilege to avoid what is real

I wish my abusers were conditioned to recognize how I feel

A collection of anxiety orbs swiping my interior clear

But the precipice is near just give me one more drink get fucked up,

Sure enough

This is tough

I’m not woman enough

Women enough

This is enough

I need trust, I been mad as fuck,

Scrupulous, I’ve had enough    



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