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Dead Bodies Never Stopped Nobody

Dead Bodies Never Stopped Nobody

cycle, back to center

karmic vibrations, wave periods


reliving childhood trauma—


never vanished—

symptoms, causes—

never vanquished—

anger, sexual assault, hate crimes, violence


repetition, learning

synapses lighting up—

over and over again


life happening, years passing

evolution, moore's law


erosion, decay

non-physical wounds maintained

in deep pools, peripheral walls

not immediate, mission critical problems—

problems nonetheless


decay—of potential

optimal growth—stunted

not genetically predisposed

but environmentally caused

generationally maintained


generational trauma

outlived in ameriKKKa

life sustained, selectively flourishing


marginalized folk

reliving trauma,

seeing evolution—

debatably degeneration—

masked by 

bytes, capital, surgery, plastic, natural resource consumption

praying for karma

living their best life like anyone can hope to—

a privileged mind's nightmare


crests, troughs,

waves taking away all of our garbage

leaving us dead bodies—

all the life forms that have fallen victim to selective advancement


writers note: I believe the oppressed and the oppressors need severe psycho-emotional help. we are doing a disservice to our society in maintaining historical power structures, prioritizing physical health over mental health, and silencing and turning a blind eye to "those who are the most vulnerable and regularly marginalized by the institutions and systems of power" (Andrew Kodama). 

In solidarity with Lucy Siale, a female student of color blamed and threatened by her school Northgate for speaking out against oppressive action and rhetoric by fellow students.

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