We're Outspoken Linguists

Two intersectional feminist women that openly discuss what matters most to us:

feminism, race, social issues, and culture.     

Outspoken Linguists is a creative space for raw, progressive writing.


Filipina-American East Bay native, co-founder of Outspoken Linguists. Keyana and I are linguists, and we love to write and be real with people. Since childhood, art and writing have been my solace, my form of escapism, my low-budget trip to paradise. Through writing, art, outdoor exploration, and activism, I best share my light with the world. Ito ang bahay ko. Hecho con emociones, amor, vida—lahat. Lo comparto porque no vale nada escondido en la sombra.


East San Francisco Bay Area native residing in San Diego California, co-founder of Outspoken Linguists. I am many things; a poet, a dancer, a writer, an intersectional feminist… I’m here to simply share with others my work—my art. Hopefully people take something from it, at least feel something. I want to evoke change and ignite the voices of those who feel silenced, ashamed, confined and/or oppressed. Art is my catalyst.